Rules for Using Zoom to Conduct Online Programs for Minors during the Public Health Emergency*

  1. Two adults are required in all meetings.  One of the adults must act as the “meeting host.”

  2. Parent/guardian permission forms must be obtained before students can participate in a session. The host must check that all students present have submitted these forms.

  3. The host must send the meeting link, call in number, and meeting ID to registered participants and their parents or guardians. Only program staff, participants, and their parents or guardians should receive the link. 

  4. Consider starting the meeting in waiting room if both adult hosts are not logged on.    

  5. The meeting host controls all muting, video functions, chat, etc., so that instructors can focus on their presentations. Hosts should also handle back-end technology troubleshooting (e.g., assisting users who cannot log on) and communication with participants before and during the workshop.

  6. The host is the first line of defense against inappropriate behavior and must act quickly to cut off participants who violate expectations.

  7. The private chat function must be disabled.

  8. The host will place students in breakout rooms (if they are being used) and visit these rooms throughout the session for supervision.

*These rules were adopted by Yale programs for Children and youth.