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DEAR CHRISTIAN WORKER: The applicant named below has applied for a position at Camp AREV. Your confidential evaluation is solicited and we invite you to include a personal note regarding the qualifications of the applicant or anything you believe would be of interest to us. By directing you to this form, the applicant has given his/her authorization for you to release this information. Please fill out this form in one sitting (there is no save feature) and submit it to us as soon as possible.

How Long Have You Known This Person And In What Capacity?

Applicant's Personality Traits

Please Rate The Applicant By Selecting the Appropriate Number from each of the following categories.

Please Comment on the Applicant's Spiritual Life:

Would You Completely Trust This Individual to Guide and Care For Your Child in a One-On-One or Group Setting?

Explain If Hesitant

To Your Best Knowledge, Has This Applicant Ever Been Expelled or Suspended From School or Employment or Charged With, or Convicted of Any Offense or Violation of Any Statute or Law?

What Specific Reason Would You Give for Accepting or Not Accepting the Applicant?

If You Wish To Add a Personal Note About the Applicant or Any Other Information, Please Use This Space Below:

I hereby affirm and acknowledge that the answers given by me to the foregoing questions are complete and true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Thanks for submitting!

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