College & Career Winter Camp at Camp AREV is a time to relax, unwind and be encouraged by the Word of the God and corporate worship. It is a weekend that helps young adults get away from their studies and work to spend alone time with God and fellowship with one another. Our aim is to make sure campers have a great weekend at Camp AREV, walk closely with Jesus Christ and create amazing and long lasting memories. 

Basic Information about College & Career Winter Camp:

  • High school graduates and above (Young adults and those in their career stage in life are welcome)
  • January 20-22, 2017

During Collage and Career camp, we encourage our campers to interact on a deeper level. Our speakers do a great job preaching through the scriptures and we allow extra time for discussion and interaction. We also play FUN games and activities that help foster for fellowship and community building.

What to bring:

  • Sleeping Items
    • Sleeping Bag or Bedding. Sheets. Pillow.
  • Toiletries
    • Toothbrush. Toothpaste. Shampoo. Deodorant. Soap. Towel.
  • Clothing
    • Casual, cool weather clothing. Long pants (Jeans or sweat pants). Jacket. Socks. Closed toed Shoes. Tennis shoes (extra pair). Extra cloth. 
    • It's a good idea to mark your cloths and sleeping bag in case its gets misplaces.
    • Please dress modestly while at Camp AREV Christian Camp
  • Miscellaneous Item
    • Bible. Pen/pencil. notepad. Flashlight with batteries. Insect repellent. Chapstick. Camera
    • Spending Money for Camp AREV gift shop/snack shop and additional recreational activities (Paintball: $15, Disc Golf rental: $5)


What NOT to bring:

  • Electronic Devices
    • Cell phones. Laser toys. Music players. Video Games
  • Weapons
    • Guns. Knives. Matches. Fireworks. 
  • Miscellaneous Item
    • Tobacco. Drugs. Alcohol. Cigarettes or any illegal substances.
    • Inappropriate reading material or pictures
    • Inappropriate clothing

Any camper caught with these items will have the items immediately confiscated and can be sent home based on the discretion of the Camp Director. 

Have any questions? Give us a call (818)507-0922
Email us info@camparev.org